Western Colorado Chapter of Gold Prospectors Assn of America
Western Colorado Chapter of Gold Prospectors Assn of America

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  • May 19 at 7:11 PM


  • Ilene Lewis


We are so grateful for your support and we’ll use this to sponsor 3 kids this June!!! 

Thank you so much,


Wapiyapi Breaking News!
As many of you know, last year, even though Wapiyapi held our largest camp to-date, we still sadly had to turn away 59 children. Our very exciting news is that, thanks to your support, we've added a third camp session in 2014 to provide three 5-day camp sessions!  That means we'll be able to serve a total of 211 campers, a 22% increase, which will dramatically reduce our waitlist. 

This was made possible thanks to friends like you.  


For our record number of campers, a record amount of fun and excitement is planned! We've put a new twist on favorite activities like the Talent Show, Dance and the lively-spirited Color Wars. New favorites like the wild and crazy Paint War and Wapiyapi's first ever Madhouse Carnival promise to crank up the fun. More than 300 volunteers are giving their time to make Camp Wapiyapi '14 a reality!


Thank You Book

We received a beautiful book from Wapiyapi  as a thank you for our support. I have a link to the pictures of the book and its contents and the card and will bring the book to the meeting for all to see.


Thank you book

Camp Wapiyapi Executive Director, Darla Dakin and husband Karl, took the remaining bags of kettle korn from the fundraiser back to Denver with them to sell at their fundraiser. Yesterday, I received a check for $150.00 and a "thank you" to the club.

Camp Wapiyapi Fundraiser 2013 with Darla and Karl Dakin. Photos of the event are in the Photo Gallery

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     I will have on site all necessary permits and licenses.

     I will not prospect in areas closed to prospecting and mining.

     I will respect other prospectors' claims and not work claims without owners' permission.

     I will fill in my prospecting holes.

     I will appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources, wildlife, fisheries, and

          private property and respect all laws or ordinances governing prospecting and mining.

     I will be thoughtful, considerate, and courteous to those around me at all times.

     I will only build fires in designated or safe places and in accordane with current federal,

          state, and local guideline.

     I will be careful with fuels and motor oils and be cognizant of their potential destructive

           effect on the environment.

     I will not refuel motorized equipment in the stream and will not allow oil form motorized

          equipment to drip onto or into the water.

     I will remove and properly dispose of trash and debris that I find.

     I will not remove stream bank material, destroy natural vegetation or woody debris          dams,  nor discharge excess silt into the waterways. 


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