Western Colorado Chapter of Gold Prospectors Assn of America
Western Colorado Chapter of Gold Prospectors Assn of America


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  • Paula Crain (Tuesday, November 15 16 10:52 am EST)

    Great Job on new look for the website Ilene. Remind me to be more lady like next time for a picture & stand with my legs closer, haha.

  • Paula (Saturday, October 29 16 09:23 pm EDT)

    Thank You for updating the website Ilene, excellent job. Happy Halloween soon.

  • Marlin Littlefield (Friday, February 19 16 11:45 pm EST)

    Another good job Ilene.

  • Marlin Littlefield (Friday, February 19 16 11:43 pm EST)

    Congradulations Ben for a good job first time around.

  • Marlin (Saturday, February 21 15 11:09 pm EST)

    As usual, great job Ilene.

  • Robyn Baker (Saturday, February 21 15 01:07 pm EST)

    I have a rock I would like to crush. Is there a place I can take it or rent a crusher? I\'m pretty positive that the gold on it is real and would like to get it out.

  • Marlin Littlefield (Sunday, December 14 14 01:14 pm EST)

    Good Morning Ilene,you must have got up before the crows this morning. Already got the new Christmas party pictures on here. Great job.

  • Marlin (Wednesday, October 22 14 12:28 am EDT)

    Looking good, it was a fun time.

  • Marlin Littlefield (Sunday, September 28 14 11:45 pm EDT)

    Look at the picture above and figure out where the Lady in the blue hat is pouring what ever she has in the bucket. Outing at Placerville, look at the participation. FUN FUN FUN and we had a bear
    that day.

  • Marlin Littlefield (Sunday, September 28 14 11:35 pm EDT)

    We have a great club guys let us know what needs to be done to get more participation out of you.

  • Art & Sharyn (Saturday, September 27 14 11:27 am EDT)

    We sure enjoyed visiting with u all at Melon Days.thanks for the awesome pen plaque. U r all......best friends forever!!
    Luv u all , Art &Sharyn

  • Marlin (Wednesday, September 17 14 11:58 pm EDT)

    Looking good Ilene

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  • Norma and Jerry Beyerbach (Sunday, June 10 12 12:41 pm EDT)

    Great job Ilene. Thanks for keeping us in touch with you. We miss you and all the fun we had.

  • gail dicamillo (Monday, December 17 12 11:16 pm EST)

    you are doing a great job..i was able to check out the photos of the christmas party....it made me chuckle again....it's been a long time since i have laughed that much....i hope everyone had as much
    fun as i did..... thanks again gail

  • gail dicamillo (Sunday, January 20 13 02:23 pm EST)

    ilene, just wanted to say that i appreicate all that you do for the website..you are doing a great job with it.....i get on here and laugh and smile with all the photos....keep up the great job...if
    there is anything that i can do to help out let me know.....gail

  • Marlin Littlefield (Sunday, September 28 14 11:30 pm EDT)

    Had a lot of fun in Green River. Even if it took a blown tired on the camper to get there. Many thanks to the guy from Georgia who stopped to help out. Thanks to member, Ben Golden also.

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Western Colorado Chapter of Gold Prospectors Association of America

115 West Main

Olathe, CO
Phone +1-970-596-9184

Mailing address

     23628 Dave Wood Road

     Montrose, CO 81403


The Official GPAA of Western Colorado Gold Prospectors



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     I will have on site all necessary permits and licenses.

     I will not prospect in areas closed to prospecting and mining.

     I will respect other prospectors' claims and not work claims without owners' permission.

     I will fill in my prospecting holes.

     I will appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources, wildlife, fisheries, and

          private property and respect all laws or ordinances governing prospecting and mining.

     I will be thoughtful, considerate, and courteous to those around me at all times.

     I will only build fires in designated or safe places and in accordane with current federal,

          state, and local guideline.

     I will be careful with fuels and motor oils and be cognizant of their potential destructive

           effect on the environment.

     I will not refuel motorized equipment in the stream and will not allow oil form motorized

          equipment to drip onto or into the water.

     I will remove and properly dispose of trash and debris that I find.

     I will not remove stream bank material, destroy natural vegetation or woody debris          dams,  nor discharge excess silt into the waterways. 


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