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Western Colorado Chapter of Gold Prospectors Assn of America

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Our Association

The Western Colorado Chapter of the GPAA has a chapter contract with Gold Prospectors of America and goes by the rules and regulations set forth by them. We meet the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at 115 W. Main Street, Olathe, CO.  At our meetings, we do club business, have discussions, presentations, and demonstrations. Come early and catch Gold Fever with us.  

Notice -- Until further notice,  the Grandpa's Place Claim is off limits unless you are with a claim owner.

 The claims used by the club belong to members of the club and are not GPAA claims and are NOT listed in the GPAA Claims Guide. Only "Members in Good Standing" are allowed to work the private claims. 

Photo Gallery

Coin Show 10-23-2021


Delta Rock and Gem Show 2021


Outing July 2021


Picnic 2019


Delta Gold Show 2019


 Christmas Party 2018


Outing June/July 2018


  GJ Gem Show 2018


  Demo at Delta Rock Wranglers










Upcoming Events



Meeting -   February 17, 2022

                   March 17, 2022

























The term "recreational prospector" does not apply to prospecting and says to authorities you are not a serious prospector and are not covered by the mining laws. The terms you need to use to identify your activity include: small mining operator, minerals prospector, professional prospector, or any term indicating your activities are for profit not pleasure. 

What we do

We have monthly meetings, have a booth at various rock and gem shows,  and have outings to educate various methods of gold prospecting.

        Gold Show - We have a booth at the Delta Rock and Gem show in June, and to promote our club. We are always looking for other ways to promote our club. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment or use our contact form.



Are you an active member,
the kind that would be missed,
or are you just contented
that your name is on the list?

Do you attend
the meetings and mingle 
with the flock,
or do you meet in private
and criticize and knock?

Do you take an active part
to help the work along, 
or are you satisfied to be the
kind who just belongs?

Do you work on committees, 
to this there is no trick,
or leave the work to 
just a few and talk
about the clique?

So come to the local meetings often,
and help with hand and heart.

Don't be just a member,
but take an active part.
Think this over folks,
you know what is
right or wrong.

Are you just a member

or do you really belong?

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Where To Find Us:

Western Colorado Chapter of Gold Prospectors Association of America

115 West Main

Olathe, CO
Phone +1-970-596-9184

Mailing address

     23628 Dave Wood Road

     Montrose, CO 81403


The Official GPAA of Western Colorado Gold Prospectors



Want to Become a Member?

Are you interested in becoming a member but still have some questions? For more information, use our contact form 

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     I will have on site all necessary permits and licenses.

     I will not prospect in areas closed to prospecting and mining.

     I will respect other prospectors' claims and not work claims without owners' permission.

     I will fill in my prospecting holes.

     I will appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources, wildlife, fisheries, and

          private property and respect all laws or ordinances governing prospecting and mining.

     I will be thoughtful, considerate, and courteous to those around me at all times.

     I will only build fires in designated or safe places and in accordane with current federal,

          state, and local guideline.

     I will be careful with fuels and motor oils and be cognizant of their potential destructive

           effect on the environment.

     I will not refuel motorized equipment in the stream and will not allow oil form motorized

          equipment to drip onto or into the water.

     I will remove and properly dispose of trash and debris that I find.

     I will not remove stream bank material, destroy natural vegetation or woody debris          dams,  nor discharge excess silt into the waterways. 


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